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Rape Victims

Stop Acid Act

Rape is not just a women issue. It is act of those men, who have stopped thinking rationally and behaving like a normal human being. The immature mentality and disgusting perceptions of those men make them animals. It can be committed against anyone in spite of their age, religion, sexual orientation, gender, race, culture or social status. Living with the feeling and consequences of rape can be devastated. Some survivors start thinking that it has happened due to their own fault and begin to feel guilty. Some commit suicide and some hide themselves in the four walls of a room forever due to the fear of society.
At Serve To Indian, we believe that rape victims are entitled to get the best possible attention and life. They are individuals, who should be treated with love, care and attention. As a society, this is our responsibility to help them in this need of hour. We think that we should be their emotional support to build up their confidence again. With the same motto, we appeal you to donate with us to rape victims to save their life and give them another chance to stand on their own with complete confidence.