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Orphan Parents

Donation for Parents

The poor aged parents lost everything from respect, leadership, money to their kids. They are being neglected from their family after getting old as now they cannot depend on themselves. Hence, families let them suffer with starvation, hunger and poverty. Harassed as well as ill treated by own family members, they are deprived of everything and led to live a life filled with health issues & tensions. Today, you can easily find these aged persons begging on streets, living on roads and combating with hunger. These hapless elderly people commit suicides for such reasons.

Serve To Indian comes forward to help these Orphan Parents and donates for old age homes. We provide donations to those senior citizens, who are spending their life in old age homes. Thousands of homes for old age are established in India to provide shelter and food to them. Most of these homes provide free accommodation to them. These homes provide a family life ambience to the residents. They provide nutritious meals and personal care to old age people who have nowhere to go.

Your one move can give life to an old age person. So, donate with us from Rs 10 to Rs 125 to give them a safe haven for spending life with peace and happiness.