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Orphan Children

Donation for children

Support Orphan children With Serve to Indian to make their future possible!

Serve to Indian is aimed at offering a happy childhood to Orphan children to make their future bright and successful.
We provide better healthcare, food and education to children for choosing the best opportunities for them. We ensure that 100% of donations go in meeting the needs of the children. You can donate from everywhere and at any time.

We are looking for your support and voluntary contributions from you to help children. We want to do further efforts to make their life happy that can only be possible with a single step of yours.
By contributing a small fraction of money, you can protect children in need, save a child as well as contribute to humanity. You just have to donate from Rs 10 to Rs 125. This small amount can change life of a child. It can help them to get food, shelter and a bright future ahead.
Donate for our soldiers children, who save our family by not seeing their family. We feel proud to donate the money to real people, who donate their life for our families.
Do not hesitate and come forward to make a difference with a small donation.