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Donate to our Army Soldiers

A soldier works round the clock, protects border of the country and faces guns & bombs everyday to defend us! Army is the strength of the country. Be it burning deserts, raging rivers, snow capped peaks or treacherous oceans, they withstand the most inhospitable conditions to make sure that we can enjoy our lives. They stay away from their families to protect our families day and night. They survive the most risky situations to ensure to give us a sound sleep.
Have you ever thought of the families of these soldiers, when they are martyred? Those, who protect our families day in and out leave their kin with little means and no financial support. These soldiers are our proud and we should make their family feel proud of their country.

We, at Serve to India, provide donations to the families of Martyr Soldiers to find alternative means and support. We donate money to their families and take care of them. The fund is used to provide them immediate aid.

We should never feel hesitate donating money to our proud Army Officers. As they give their today for our bright future, we should donate a small amount of money to their families for making them live a better life.