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Acid Attack Victims

Stop Acid Act

A right step can change the life of a person in a good way, but a bad step can spoil the life of a person in every manner. Acid attack is crime perpetrating in varied countries. It is one of those crimes that can never be forgiven. It not only affects the woman, but het partner or other family members. It leaves much, very much pain, disfigurement as well as abject misery for the survivors. It is very, very hard to look at the condition of a woman who has been attacked with acid. We cannot even image the life of that girl or woman. The problems she has to face in future. Despite indescribable pain and trauma, survivors can rebuild their lives with support of families and society.

Serve To Indians prime motto is to eradicate this bad mentality and things from the minds of everyone. We have been offering support to acid burns victims to make them live a new life by forgetting their pain. The main motto of Serve To Indian is to donate money for acid attack victims. Money can change their lives by getting them the best treatments and surgeries.

So, support them with a small fraction of money to make them live a normal life again!