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About Us

Our Vision

Seeking to create a world of tolerance, hope, and social justice in which people live with no poverty, dignity and security.

Our Mission

Serve To Indian aids alleviating poverty along with social exclusion by empowering women and girls from the marginalised as well as poor communities and to assist the families of martyr army soldiers.

Our Programme Goal

To empower girls and women from the most marginalised areas and communities and make them live with dignity. We are aimed at providing them with secure and safe life with their households. We will achieve this objective by working with more than 50 million people to assist them meeting their health, livelihood entitlements as well as education.

Our Core Values

Our dedication to provide a better life and culture drives us. Our core values of care and concern inform all of the work. They shape us aiding what we do as well as how we do. They connect us to a combined vision and reason.


SERVE TO INDIAN teams act in a way that reflects an accurate confidence in as well as admiration for the self-esteem and prospective of all the human beings. Winning people's' self-confidence as well as creating a safe environment of belief and honesty is necessary to our work.


Maintaining ethical, social and organizational norms. Firmly adhering to the codes of conduct as well as ethical principles is innate to CARE.


With suitable interpersonal styles along with techniques to achieve acceptance of unmatched ideas or plans; adapting one's own activities and actions to accommodate the situations, tasks, and the individuals involved.


Setting benchmarks of high standards and performance for self or others; assuming accountabilities and responsibility for fruitfully completing the assignments or tasks; ensuring high standards of excellence; making sure of successful interactions and reliable transactions that convey integrity. We embrace variety through promoting, respecting, valuing, and benefiting from each individual’s exceptional qualities, race, culture, age, background, gender, lifestyle, disability, values, perspectives or interests; developing and maintaining a trusted work environment to promote and celebrate the diversity.